Is Jonny Craig The Worst Man In Rock?

Drug addiction can make people do some stupid things, but I think the award for ‘Stupid Drug User of the Year’ has got to go to Jonny Craig. Not only did he steal money from his loyal fan base in order to fund his habits, but his excessive consumption has now landed him in court, forced his band to postpone their tour, and further more pushed them into a hiatus.

He’s a talented young man with the world at his feet, yet he depends of these toxins to enter his body in order to function. I can think of a thousand people who’d kill to be in the position he’s in musically, but instead they have to watch some tosser destroy himself, be a complete arse to his fans, and still have people adore him. It’s kinda like the whole Chris Brown situation. Everyone knows he’s done wrong, and yet he’s backed by a commercial label, allowed to be played on the radio, and teenage girls love him. It makes no sense, and neither of them deserve the respect they are given.


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