Matt Cardle Is A Derp

The porky faced idiot believes that 9/11 was a conspiracy.

“Well, there’s a lot of conspiracy. I’ve gotta be careful what I say. The whole 9/11 thing, something’s not quite right there. I think the way it was portrayed on TV and who was responsible and the way it happened was not the way it happened.”

What ever you say, derp!

One thought on “Matt Cardle Is A Derp

  1. What an twerp! 😉

    What it is about some people that makes them want to believe in such crazy ‘conspiracy theories’ despite all the evidence and all reason pointing in the exact opposite direction to their irrationally held beliefs?

    I mean you only have to mention a subject like 9/11 they immediately start ranting that it was all masterminded by some ‘Dr Evil’ style villain hiding in his ‘secret cave lair’.

    Yeah riiiiiiiiight.

    I guess some people will always believe everything they see in the mainstream media’. Will we ever learn?

    But they don’t stop there .. they go on and on about this whole ‘Osama Bin Laden masterminded 9/11’ conspiracy theory, even though the FBI themselves never indicted him for 9/11 and stated that they “simply don’t have the evidence to connect him to 9/11”. In fact the man has never been formally charged with 9/11 ever!!! But this doesn’t seem to deter the crazy conspiracy theorists.

    Nor does the clear connections between the Bin Laden family and the Bush family, such as when Osama’s brother helped GW Bush set up his first oil company ‘Arbusto’. The fact that immediately after 9/11 the entire Bin Laden family was flown out of the US rather than be detained and questioned about OBL, and at a time when all US civilian flights were still grounded (!) should speak volumes about who really carried out the attacks. But apparently not to the crazy conspiracy theorists.

    And then there’s the events themselves. .

    Two planes struck in NY and yet three towers came down ….. duh, let me get my calculator out for this one…… and these three towers all came down in ways that had never been witnessed before in the history of structural engineering EXCEPT during controlled demolitions of tall buildings.

    Yet these crazy conspiracy theorists insist there were no explosions, bombs or any evidence of controlled demolition despite the eyewitness testimony from everyone who was there, such as:

    these firemen
    these other firemen
    some more firemen
    these WTC employees
    some more WTC employees
    these office workers
    and at least another 118 further witnesses

    The owner of WTC 7 even accidentally admitted in a PBS documentary that they’d decided to “pull” the building (a controlled demolition term) and these conspiracy theorists STILL insist it was not a controlled demolition.

    Thousands of architects, engineers, experts, veterans and victims’ family members all agree that the idea that fire and structural damage brought these buildings down is ludicrous – yet the crazy conspiracy theorists still insist that’s what happened.

    These crazy conspiracy theorists even created a ‘Commission’ and asked them to write a ‘Report’ about the event to back up their conspiracy theory. To help them do this the commission was instructed to look at WTC 1 and 2 but (get this!) only up to the point of ‘collapse initiation’ – not the actual collapse itself! (and they were instructed to ignore WTC 7 altogether). Plus they were told to not even look for any evidence of explosives at all. (if you don’t look you won’t find!). It’s no surprise that later the co chairs of this ‘9/11 Commission Report’ admitted publicly that they had been “set up to fail”. They even wrote a book about it.

    But still the crazy conspiracy theorists cling on to their wacky conspiracy theory!

    Meanwhile genuine scientists did meticulously look into the physics of the destruction of those buildings, scientists such as David Chandler. And their conclusion? …Controlled demolition.

    To be fair it is kinda obvious.

    In fact, over the last decade a growing scientific consensus has emerged which challenges their wacky ‘conspiracy theory’ claims with proper scientific analysis – but guess what? That’s right – they just won’t listen to it!

    Here’s a list of various government agency and other 9/11 whistleblowers which the conspiracy theorists also completely ignore:

    State Department whistleblower J. Michael Springmann
    WTC Head Janitor Willie Rodriquez
    Deputy Director of Emergency Services Department for the New York City Housing Authority, Barry Jennings
    FBI agent Robert Wright
    Wall Street Whistleblower Richard Grove
    Former FBI translator whistleblower Sibel Edmunds
    FBI agent whistleblower Coleen Rowley
    Economist William Bergman
    Former White House counter-terrorism czar Richard Clarke
    etc etc….

    Bob Mcilvaine lost his son in the twin towers and he has been speaking out for the truth to be investigated ever since. Do the crazy conspiracy theorists listen to him? No, they do not.

    These crazy conspiracy theorists won’t listen to anyone it seems. It doesn’t matter how much common sense, rationality and evidence people present, they just won’t listen and they won’t even think about it. They are completely stuck in their evidence free, superstitious, irrational belief – just like when people used to believe the earth was flat.

    And here’s the ironic part. Whenever you try and help these poor lost souls by presenting them with facts, evidence, logic, reason and critical analysis of the event they will end up calling YOU a nutter for doing so! They will even call YOU a ‘conspiracy theorist’ for pointing out all the massive contradictions, holes and errors in THEIR crazy conspiracy theory.

    They’re mental!

    So what’s going on? Turns out this behaviour is a well known psychological reaction to not being able to defend your own position with facts or reason.

    And we all know this, too … if you think about it.

    It’s just like showing your husband, who was away at a boring work related conference last weekend, two theatre ticket stubs, a bill from a restaurant, a shirt with make up marks on it, photographs of your husband with his secretary at the theatre, in a cab and drinking in a hotel bar and a text message in his phone saying “thanks for the lovely weekend and mind blowing sex – I hope your wife didn’t suspect anything when you got home”…

    With no way of arguing his way out of this overwhelming evidence what does he do?

    He says, “Don’t be crazy! You’re paranoid! It’s not like that at all, it’s YOU who is reading too much into it – you’ve got an overactive imagination. If you think I’d sleep with her then you obviously don’t love me or trust me or value our marriage!”

    And in the case of 9/11, when you present evidence which challenges (or rips to shreds) the official conspiracy theory you are told the exact same thing.

    “Don’t be crazy! You’re paranoid!! It’s not like that at all, it’s YOU who is reading too much into it – you’ve got an overactive imagination. If you think the government would do/ allow the murder of its own people then you obviously don’t love your country, or have any compassion for the victims and their families and you’re obviously not a patriot!”

    Both scenarios are examples of people being ‘unmasked’ and put in a vulnerable position which they can’t defend, except by projecting all of their crap back onto the person who just exposed them.

    No one likes to be exposed as a liar … or as someone who has foolishly bought into a lie (such as the official conspiracy theory of 9/11).

    Does it matter?

    Yes it does because there are wars of terror being waged, based on the official conspiracy theory of 9/11, wars that are killing hundreds of thousands of men, women and children. Two children are murdered every day in Afghanistan. Anyone got kids? Plus back home, everyone’s freedoms are liberties are being taken away based on our collective and idiotic belief in these crazy official conspiracy theories about some man in a cave defeating the entire US defence apparatus one morning a decade ago.

    And we believe this crap despite knowing that our governments have always lied to us! That’s their job!

    The historical precedents are clear.
    The psychology is clear.
    The techniques of manipulation are so blatantly clear.
    The motive and agenda is literally all around us staring us right in the face.

    The only thing that is not very clear yet is our own thinking.

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