Seven Bands You Poor Little Buggers Missed Out On

I grew up listening to some fucking awesome bands. Here is what you missed out on.


You’re so caught up in what’s happening now that you’ve never taken the time to appreciate where it all started. If it wasn’t for this band then most modern punk wouldn’t exist. Listen to: New Noise

The Blood Brothers

Perhaps one of the most intense bands of the past 15 years. If you’ve never heard of them, you’re seriously missing out. Listen to: Trash Flavoured Trash

The Starting Line

The last truly great pop-punk band from the golden age. They were never given the respect they deserved thanks to money hungry recorded labels, and the re-union just isn’t going to be the same. Listen to: Three’s A Charm

The Riverclub

A lost gem from the British scene. Whilst all of you were too busy listening to You Me At Six, you failed to notice that there were other bands doing it much better. Listen to: My Girl, God She Is Beautiful

Head Wound City

The greatest super group of all time featuring some of the most interesting punk musicians of our generation. They may only have recorded seven songs, but I guarantee they are better than your favorite bands entire discography. Listen to: Prick Class

Cutting Pink With Knives

Imagine all your favorite songs being mashed into one, played ten times faster, and then pushed into a cosmic storm filled with synths and drum machines. Listen to: Didi Got Fisted At The Smiths Disco


Best.Band.EVER. Listen to: Return Of The Jedi

4 thoughts on “Seven Bands You Poor Little Buggers Missed Out On

  1. It’s so damn refreshing to hear such poop-mouthed comments on WordPress but great that someone is bringing some generally ‘unknown’ bands into people’s minds. Trouble is most people follow the flock and listen to what they’re told so it’s great to have some perspective from outside the box…
    …though I’m not going to promise to like those bands just because you told me they were good!

    1. Fair point. I was just getting sick of hearing people I know talk about all the rubbish bands that are around now when five/ten years ago there were others doing it much better.
      It all comes down to personal opinion, but these bands in my eyes should not be forgotten.
      Cheers for the comment.

  2. Fantastic list! IMO +500 imaginary internet points for Cutting Pink With Knives, an incredible band that no one ever seems to know about, +500 points for Reuben, one of the greatest bands of all time for their lyrics, disguised simplicity and for being such genuine blokes, +100 points for including Refused, such an important band, but -20 points for linking New Noise as their example. Everyone seems to know New Noise even if they don’t know any other Refused stuff. It’s the one tune you get played at rock clubs and iconic as it is, it’s by no means one of their best songs. People have got to branch out, listen to the whole of Shape of Punk To Come, and fall in love with Deadly Rhythm or Refused are Fucking Dead.
    I’m so grateful I got to see Cutting Pink With Knives live, they opened my MIND! Heartbroken I never got to see Reuben or Refused though.

    1. Thanks for the comment.
      CPWK were such an incredible band, just wish I could have seen them live. I was lucky enough to see Reuben. I’d never heard of them and they opened up with ‘Return of the Jedi’ and just blew me away.
      The Refused link was decent quality sound wise, and I think ‘New Noise’ shows how ahead of their time they were. ‘Summer Holidays vs Punkroutine’ and ‘Blind Date’ are my personal favourites.

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