Book of James

Brooklyn based three-piece, We Are Augustines are no strangers to tragedy and this latest single, ‘Book of James’ gives the listener a brief insight to where they have been, and where they’re going. Front man Billy McCarthy’s haunting past is beautifully brought to life in a daring exploration of indie that teeters on the edge of lo-fi rock.

The lead singer and guitarist lost both his mother and brother to suicide, so you’d be forgiven if you thought this band sounded a little morbid. Instead we are treating to crackling drums that punch their way through the track and into your tapping feet. Ending with bursts of horns piercing the chaos to create a sense of scale that will question your own ears.

The dynamics presented by this eulogy to the front mans brother are wonderful. Simple guitar melodies blend perfectly with driving bass lines that lead directly into atmospheric moments of blissfulness. It gives you an up close and personal look into the thoughts and feeling of our narrator, yet it stands out high and mighty, and surprisingly uplifting.

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