Are’t they a funny thing? Sometimes they can be brilliant, but often they’re rubbish.

There’s nothing like a casual conversation with someone you met about five minutes ago, only for it to turn into a list of bands that, “You should totally check out”. Followed by one of the most used phrases of all time, “I think you’ll like them.”

The most interesting thing about these types of situations is that the person you’re talking to has interpreted your visual looks, tied connections between the bands you like and the bands they know, and then assumed that you will enjoy something without having any prior knowledge of what turns you on musically. At best this might lead you onto finding a genuinely brilliant band, at worst it adds another one to your most hated list, and means you’ll never really trust that persons judgement again.

On that note, I think you should check out this band, I think you’ll really like them.

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