Swim Into Scarlet @ The Monarch

Swim Into Scarlet have been working very hard over the past year or so. They’re causing quite a stir up North, they’ve recorded and released an EP, and they’re slowing making waves in the capital. This is the bands second gig in London and a small crowd has gathered to see whats on offer.

Bursting straight into their set it’s clear to see that they mean business, and the noise created by these young lads is impressive. The variation of keys and guitar works perfectly on the stage, and Lead singer Aidan looks to be in a euphoric state as the lyrics trickle out of his mouth and he sways along to the music. The balance of atmospheric and loud is almost perfect, and it’s these changes that really standout as each song progresses to the next. One minute you’re mesmerised by a landscape of pads and simply vocals, only to be hit with a wall of aggression the next.

Presenting the audience with songs both old and new, the band is able to show off their writing abilities and creativeness. ‘The Great Wave’ is a standout track from the evening which truly indicates that these guys are serious about what they do. The new material is progressive and interesting, both of which are welcomed by the eager ears listening to whats on offer. Ending with their EP intro track ‘Deer Blood’, they bring the whole set to a brutal climax that involves Aidan and Matt pushing against each other, whilst a barrage of sounds attack the audience. It’s the perfect way to finish.

If tonight is anything to go by, Swim Into Scarlet are destined for great things. These guys are hard working, both on and off the stage, and they’ve clearly shown a talent for writing good music. Their quest to conquer the South has begun, braced yourself. 4/5

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