blink-182 Neighbourhoods Review

Here it is folks, well kinda. The new Blink-182 album Neighbourhoods has leaked and pop-punk fans the world over have all stained their pants in excitement, but is it actually any good?


Whilst there is the occasional snippet of joy, the majority of this new album is poor. Certain songs (Ghost on the Dancefloor, After Midnight) sound too similar to AVA, nearly all of Mark’s lyrics are shit and ‘Fighting The Gravity’ is just crap. I would write a more detailed review, but whatever I say Neighbourhoods is still going to sell millions, and a few of you will only try and prove me wrong. The bottom line is, it’s just not very good music.

My advice would be don’t believe the hype and avoid this album. I’m stoked that it leaked so I didn’t have to waste my money on it. Sorry Blink, but its goodbye from me.

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