I Cannot Be Phony

Not entirely sure how I feel about ‘Kanye: The Musical‘. And I really don’t understand his theory about Hitler. One thing I do know, he is a wanker.

This eight minute clip of him at The Big Chill has got to be the best example I’ve found recently.

“There’s so much bull-shit going on in music right now”, he rightfully preaches. Just a shame that he is responsible for a lot of it. And with a solid stance, in front of thousands of people he announces, “I cannot be a phony”. A statement I’d like to believe, but it’s hard to agree with him when he’s singing into auto-tune.

"Just thinking...about myself"

I can go on. It’s been about a month now since the release of Watch the Throne, and I still feel the same. Possibly the most over-hyped record of the last 20 years? The talk of him experimenting with dub-step pretty much sums it up for me. The “experimenting” was him having enough money to buy the rights to one of the UK’s most influential dub-step artists and using his samples. Yes Kanye, there really is a lot of bull-shit going on.

I’m afraid that I’ve made up my mind on Kanye now. It’s been too much, for too long, and I can’t take it anymore. Please, disappear.

Now this guy has real talent that I think everyone will enjoy.

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