Ego Brain

Being in a band is one of the best things I’ve ever done. The friendships I’ve made, the places I’ve been and the things I’ve achieved all amount to some cracking memories. I love the fact that we are three laid back individuals who accept the fact that we’re not the best band in the world, but we have a laugh doing what we do.

I’ve often wondered whether or not it’s acceptable for me to be in a band, and a music journalist. Sure it’s easy for me to criticise other musicians, but what about my own music? How would I feel if I was at the other end of the sword? Luckily my band has received some negative feedback over the past couple weeks and it has made me realise that I really don’t care. I truly understand the fact that some people are going to dislike what we do, whilst others will enjoy it. And lets face it; I would be a bit of a twat if I could dish it out but not take it myself.

This leads me on nicely to what I want to say. Thanks to the introduction of Twitter and Facebook to a musician’s ego, it now makes it even harder for someone, such as myself, to have an opinion. I’m getting fed up of bands actively searching for criticism online and either trying to persuade me to change my opinion, or to tell me they think I’m a “Winey prick”. By doing this you’re not only making yourself look like a 13 year old girl, but it makes me dislike you even more. There’s nothing worse than a musician who can’t take criticism. You and your ego should pack a bag and fuck off. Instead of wasting time telling people who don’t like your music they’re wrong, thank the ones that do have something positive to say.

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