I think this blog post has been a long time coming, given the current state of the commercial music industry. Shit like THIS is gaining millions of fans world wide, whilst real musicians can barely support themselves to do what they love. And I know it’s all well and good me sitting here complaining about what I believe to be shit music, when I honestly don’t know who the fuck Kreayshawn is.

What about something a little closer to home then? Surely the UK isn’t full of wanky shit bands and musicians who are a bunch of try-hards who care more about their image than the actual music. Well, I hate to say it, but it is. Wanna hear an example?

Imagine being in a band that has always pushed the boundaries a little and not been afraid to take a couple of risks. Pretty cool yeah? Now, imagine being told by some prick in a suit that you’re good at what you do, but your name is wrong and the music is just a little too edgy to be sold at a commercial level. What would you do? I know exactly what I would say to that guy, but unfortunately I’m the minority.

It seems that too many bands these day are becoming part of this disposable market which loves a band one minute, and then shuns them the next. The internet has a lot to answer for when it comes to these types of issues. Most bands with a MySpace or Facebook, Youtube video or a Bandcamp, think they’re famous and that this is their time when the reality is that they’re rubbish.

No matter how good you think you are, you’ll never be as good as this cat.

Also, I’m getting fed up of seeing bands contradict themselves. A certain local ‘We think we’re better than everyone because we were in Kerrang!’ band is the perfect example of this. When one of the members gloated on Twitter about hanging out with the members of FYS, he went on to say that they are nice people but “They make pop-punk music for faggots”. Safe to say it upset a lot of people and said member made himself out to be a bit of a homophobe. Yet, the very band he plays in has recorded a song with the lead singer of a group who wrote, and recorded,  a song with The Saturdays. Surely people could tweet saying the same thing about you, especially when they hear the rumours that you, and the other members of your band, don’t like your own song, and only did it because your label said it would be a good way to gain publicity.

Anyway, I’m not expecting this post to make much of a difference, I’m not even sure if anyone will read it, and to be honest I don’t even know what my point was to begin with. I just hope that soon enough these god awful ‘musicians’ will all disappear so I can go on living my life in peace without having to see a bunch of posers thinking they’re better than me.

Don’t worry, I’ll end with something positive. At least all UK bands aren’t shit.

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