Monday night saw the worst rioting in living memory across the UK. In amongst the millions of pounds of damage was a Sony warehouse full of stock belonging to some of the finest independent labels this country has to offer. The list is endless and the loss is irreplaceable, however that doesn’t mean you can’t help make a difference.

On Friday 19th August we (Maps of Columbus) will be headlining The Box in Crewe. Not only do we want you to attend, but we also want your help. Some of the stock that perished in the fire was the vinyl for our single ‘Daisy’. This was provided for us by the label Too Pure, who have lost a massive amount of stock and hundred of pounds.

We are going to be setting up a merch stand at the gig and will be leaving a bucket for people to make donations to help Too Pure. We will also be donating all the profits from ticket sales to the guys and any profit we make from our merch sales. We are very grateful for the opportunities Too Pure have given us and we want to be there for them during this shitty time.

Please come along and show some support for the independent labels that have been affected by these shocking events. Think of it as working towards a better tomorrow, today.

Cheers MOC

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