Don’t People Know How To Write Songs Anymore?

Another wanker has covered ‘Skinny Love’ by Bon Iver and it’s left me wondering whether or not people know how to write songs anymore.

Even the mammoth release of Watch The Throne by Jay-Z and Kanye West leaves you questioning musicians talents. They were both heard saying that the album is so good that they didn’t want to release it, and I personally think that it’s so super-duper good that they should’ve done exactly that. It’s tacky, over produced and sounds like arse. Even the sample from the Will Ferrell movie Blades of Glory makes you want to cut off your feet and stuff them in your ears.

And could someone please explain to me the piss poor artwork. If it was designed by a disabled bird then fair enough, but I can’t help think that I could have done a better job. Hell, Beyonce’s left tit could have done a better job, at least that way she would have been able to contribute to the album without having to sing on the shitty ‘Lift Off’.

"Our vaginas are this wide"

Anyway, can people stop trying to better Bon Iver, you will never succeed, and avoid Watch The Throne at all costs, unless it’s shoved down your throat by major labels and retarded rappers. Oh wait a minute…

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