Dog Days

Its been a while since I had a ramble about what music I’ve been listening to. I’ve been busy with my band, festivals, my brothers wedding and I lost a tooth.

So far this month/the end of last month has been a letdown for music that I’ve grown up paying attention too. The first disappointment was the Blink-182 single Up All Night. The second letdown was from Blink’s close friends New Found Glory. Their new release, Radiosurgery, is just plain awful. Poor guitar riffs, poor vocals, and painfully average everything else. Both these bands are responsible for me liking music in the first place so it’s hard for me to write negative things about them. But, at least I have the memories of when they were good to keep me happy.

Not everything has been bad though. I’ve stumbled upon some cracking music over the past couple of weeks and, instead of me dribbling on about it, I’ll just show you.

Ghostfunk – Three Lords

Man Overboard – Love Your Friends, Die Laughing

Wives – Sick Fetish

Hooray for the Riff Raff – Take Me

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