2000 Trees. 100 Words.

Wet. Hot. Windy. Fun. Drunk. Friends. Bands. Tents. BBQs. Catch it. &U&I. Tellison. Straight Lines. Little rock horns. Cards. Jonny and his women. Dangerous Dave’s sexy glasses. Craig’s eagerness to see some bands. The rest of us not being fussed. Los Campesinos. Kids. Shit jokes. Stage Coach. Tall Ships. Crowd surfing. 20 minutes of madness. Pouring beer over each other. Sweat bands. The Welsh. Clean toilets. Waking up naked. Sitting on the food bag and crushing it all. Leaving my phone in the tent when I packed it away. Shit metal bands. Bruises. Hangovers. Meeting people. Annoying people. Peanuts. Eggs. Photos.

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