It’s Make or Break

Tomorrow I’ll be making my way to a music festival. And no, it’s not Latitude before you ask. Lack of money managed to play its role in preventing me from going to that one. I’m off to 2000 Trees. The line-up looks smashing, and the idea of spending two days on a farm, with my close friends, drink beer, watching bands and generally dicking around is pleasing. However, this post isn’t about what festivals I am, or am not going to, it’s about something much more important, Blink-182.

Tomorrow, Friday 15th of July, will see the first release from Blink in over six years. Their new single ‘Up All Night’ will be aired in the evening some time and although this may not affect you, to me, this is a big deal. Mark, Tom and Travis (and Scott) are probably the reason why I like music. Not exactly Bob Dylan or Pink Floyd I know, but this was all I had to work with due to my parents not having a massive interest in music. I had to find out about bands myself, through friends or from my brother.

I will never forget a car journey listening to Cheshire Cat with one headphone in, whilst Phill (my brother) had the other, and massively enjoying this ‘new’ breed of music I was being exposed to. Or pissing myself with laughter whilst watching The Urethra Chronicles, The Uretha Chronicles: Pt II and then finally Riding In Vans With Boys. Album after album I was constantly impressed with their ability to write music, even when others hated it. The couple of live performances I’d managed to get to weren’t exactly spectacular, but they were what I had expected, three guys, having fun and lots of dick jokes.

Then came 2005, the hiatus. As the rumours spread about the break-up I started to think differently about the band that had inspired me. Things began to look pathetic (no pun intended). Little digs at each other here and there put me off the careers each member had now decided to pursue. Thats doesn’t mean to say I haven’t enjoyed what each of them have done, it just seemed slightly pointless.

Their reunion in 2009 only depressed me more. I felt after everything that had been said and done it was just a contradiction, something that in my eyes should have never happened in the first place. Then when they started playing shows, without new material, it just seemed like a chance for them to cash in. This was not a happy time for me considering the memories I have and I started to resent them.

Now this is it, make or break. The new track tomorrow is going to be a big indication as to whether or not the past six years has been a good thing for the band. I hope the answer will be yes, but you never know. It’s one last time for Blink-182 to show me that the good times are back and that they’re here to stay. No pressure guys.

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