New Vinyl

Since I got back from university the amp for my record player has decided that the left channel doesn’t want to work anymore. It’s a vintage Pioneer valve amp that my Dad used when he was my age, so just thinking about the cost to repair it made my knees tremble.

Plus, the idea of lugging the whole setup down to Epsom with the turnable, two speakers and dodgy amp was making me think that I will never be able to enjoy my vinyl down South.

So, I jumped straight onto ebay to find a suitable replacement. Something small, loud and easy to carry. And here is what I found.

Fidelity portable record player. Fully refurbished, plays 33/45/78 rpm, volume and tone controls, plugs into the mains, fitted with a new stylus and comes with a clip down lid so it can be carried around. It’s basically a briefcase.

These noisy little animals have been selling for around £60, but it must have been my lucky day as I paid £20 for mine. It arrived in the post today and sounds incredible. I’m currently hanging out in my boxers listening to Surfer Blood.

Long live vinyl.

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