Swim Into Scarlet: Trophy Review

Swim Into Scarlet‘s Trophy EP perfectly demonstrates the creativeness these youngsters possess and shows you exactly why everyone is talking about this Cheshire band. Recorded in Leeds in a ram-shakled terrace, this debut will be released through Butter Bridge Records over the coming months.

Opening track Deer Blood, is a dark and twisted welcoming to the record that will keep listeners on edge, eager for more and perhaps gives an insight into what fans can expect in the future. Needless to say, it’s track two on the EP that well and truly hogs the limelight. The Great Wave is an epic, multi-layered anthem that just keeps on giving. The song is wonderfully balanced and is a testament to how hard these guys have worked on this recording.

Sadly the good times don’t last long as the next couple of tracks all seem to blend into one. The odd little variation with the addition of shakers, bongos and even a trumpet does force the listener to take note, but theres only so much picky guitar and off beat drumming you can take before you start to think you’ve heard this somewhere else. The EP comes to a brilliant climax with the gloriously haunting Brother In Cairo (Pt.II) and gives you a dam good reason why you should hang on to this band.

Trophy is the perfect release for Swim Into Scarlet to unleash on their loyal fan base, but I say, give them a year or so and their true colours will shine with bigger and better things to come. Keeps your eyes and ears open. 3/5

For more info on the band head to: http://twitter.com/swimintoscarlet


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