Practice Space

There’s only two days left until Matriarchs will be available for you lovely people to download. I hope you enjoyed watching Maps of Columbus Recording Matriarchs and if you haven’t seen it yet Click Here.

I always find that looking back through the videos we have made provokes a strange feeling within. We aren’t even close to being a successful band but we have already experienced so much more than we thought we could’ve achieved. Every outing has produced new challenges for us both as a band and as individuals. Sometimes lessons have had to be learn’t the hard way and other times we have just had to accept that things aren’t working.

All these experiences have made us into the band we are today. On the eve of our new EP release we are already thinking about the future. This week we will begin work on the follow up to Matriarchs and look forward to creating something new. We are all immensely proud of what we have achieved so far but feel we have so much more to give. We look forward to hearing your reactions to Matriarchs and hope that you will like it enough to join us as we venture ever further into the unknown.

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