Swim Into Scarlet Interview

It has been almost a year since I last spoke to Crewe band Swim Into Scarlet and it’s safe to say that it has been a good one for them. 2010 saw the 5 piece enjoy the fruits of their labour and increase in popularity, playing gigs all across the North of England and making several appearances on BBC Radio Stoke. The band has matured musically, become better at playing live and gained the confidence and ambition to take them to the next level. I managed to get a brief update from lead singer and guitarist Aidan whilst the band are recording their new EP in Leeds.

(SIS New EP Artwork)

SIS are recording their new EP in Leed’s atm. How’s that going?

Its going well. We are recording most songs in the studio, some songs and some vocals in a makeshift booth made of mattresses (not stained) in our producer’s house in Leeds. Its going to feature a few friends of ours. At the moment its a life consuming, all encompassing thing- that is kind of dictating our existence. But we love it.

When are you hoping the new music will be released?

The record will be released late March / early April on butter bridge records.

What has been happening with the band since the last time we spoke?

We’ve played more shows, written better songs and learnt about people. They need something to push against. As a band, we have found that as time has progressed our sound is being honed down from a diverse range of influences to become our own. We aren’t trying to create a band aesthetic that we have to fit into anymore. There’s far less deliberate indirectness about us and a lot more honesty, as the newer songs on the EP- in our eyes, convey or at least try to convey meaning in an accessible way, without being too pop-centric. Its a lot less sporadic.
Playing more shows has allowed us to see other bands perform some brilliant sets. The set we play is still in evolution, yet we now have a solid body of songs to choose from- rather than winging through on semi-finished or unsatisfactory pieces that were still being thrashed out for the sake of time.

What are SIS’s aims for 2011?

This year we would like to be still enjoying every minute of writing and playing, which we hope should be helped our first complete physical release.

Swim Into Scarlet are playing at The Sugarmill, Hanley on the 9th May 2011.

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