IMY – Head Wound City

Who’d have thought that a drunken phone call back in 2005 would lead to one of the greatest super groups of all time. Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeahs), Jordan Blilie and Cody Volotalo (The Blood Brothers) were talking about Violent Ramp, a thrash skate band, during a UK tour when they rang Justin Pearson and Gabe Serbian (The Locust) to say that they had started a new band and they were going to be in it. When they returned to American the band decide to get together and begin writing. It took just one week for them to write, record and produce their self-titled EP that was released though Justin Pearson’s own record label Three One G. The seven songs were an intense mix of grindcore and hardcore that saw each member getting involved in a completely different style of music that they were normally associated with. Their EP still is a perfect example of what happens when great musicians come together to create something different. For me it was a fantastic opportunity to see my favourite artists completely out of character and showing off their real talents. After playing just one show the band dispersed due to each member having to continue with their other bands. Despite Head Wound City having a very short existence they did make one of the heaviest and greatest CDs I’ve ever heard, its just a shame that they will never play together again.

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