IMY – The Riverclub

Back in 2004 it seemed that most British bands were more obsessed with image and money than the actual music. But, nestled away within the collection of shite there was a handful of talented musicians who were focusing on enjoying the creative side of the music more than the lifestyle that came with it. One of my favourite bands doing just that was  The Riverclub who appeared to be perfectly happy writing toe tapping  pop songs with a glorious blend of crunchy guitars, silky smooth synth lines and super catchy lyrics. In their short but brilliant lifetime they recorded a fantastic selection of songs and released one EP through Bravestar Records. A tour soon followed with them supporting ex-Busted member Matt Willis during his UK shows which give them a much wider audience. Unfortunately it wasn’t long after this that lead singer Dan left the group and went on to pursue a greater adventure with his new band Data.Select.Party. Although the remaining members vowed to continue, the band never gained the momentum it once had and is wasn’t long before the remaining members finally called it a day. Their EP Long Before I Reach The Phone is one of my favourite CD’s from the past 5 years and it still brings a smile to my face when I hear the opening lines to Call If You Want To. It’s safe to say that I miss The Riverclub, I hope you will too.

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