Four Year Strong @ Camden Ballroom, 10th November 2010

Four Year Strong have always been a fun and exciting band in my eyes. Their blend of “beat down” riffs mixed wonderfully with pop punk certainly makes for an enjoyable listen.

The Electric Ballroom, Camden, is crammed full of anxious teens this evening, waiting to hear their favourite songs from the Massachusetts four piece. They take to the stage full of energy and with big smiles on their bearded faces, and it doesn’t take long for the crowd to get into full swing jumping, pushing and pulling each other around the venue. Every note is not only perfect but is filled with more drive and passion than most bands put into their sets in an entire year. Presenting the audience with songs from both old and new albums, ‘Catastrophe’ sees them at their best with lead singer Dan O’Connor practically screaming his lyrics at the chaos in front of him. The entire 40 minutes of destruction is neatly rounded off by the bands classic, ‘Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die’.

If there’s one thing to take away from watching these hairy men play live, it’s the fact that they look to be enjoying every single second of their success, and you can’t blame them.

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